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A group of fruiticultors formed in 1950, Blue Whale today is 300 fruiticultors throughout the most nice fruit areas of France: South West, Loire Valley, South East and Alps.

Blue Whale assets itself as the apple specialist which it is the 1st French exporter. The group commercialises also plums, pears, grapes and kiwis.


Responsible farming, committed fruiticultors, traceability from orchards to shelves, consistency and quality of products, farming and variety innovation…

All stages and commitments count for Blue Whale for good healthy fruit for consumers.


Joya® is coming on stores!

Joya® apple is one of the last apples harvested. It is picked at the end of November and arrives on stalls now, at the beginning of January, after a few weeks of maturation....

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The Blue Whale General Assembly took place this Thursday 14th of December

Blue Whale Chairman, Christophe Belloc presented the Blue Whale General Assembly last Thursday the 14th of December 2017 at La Muse Cinema in Bressols. It was the opportunity to join together growers, colleagues and stakeholders, so more than 150 people, the aim was to present them what was made...

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A Blue Whale grower received a Pink Lady talent award...

Last Wednesday 13th of December 2017, in Montauban, was the Pink Lady Europe Association General Assembly. An opportunity to present the accounts, future projects but also to reward the work of growers and collaborators. Indeed, a competition was launched to reward “Pink Lady talents”...

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Blue Whale at the WOP Dubai

From the 5th to the 7th of December 2017, World of Perishables Dubai welcomes each year more than 4,000 visitors from around 80 countries. It is the leading trade fair for fresh produce in the Middle East, a market where consumption of these commodities is one of the fastest growing in the world....

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