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A group of fruiticultors formed in 1950, Blue Whale today is 300 fruiticultors throughout the most nice fruit areas of France: South West, Loire Valley, South East and Alps.

Blue Whale assets itself as the apple specialist which it is the 1st French exporter. The group commercialises also plums, pears, grapes and kiwis.


Responsible farming, committed fruiticultors, traceability from orchards to shelves, consistency and quality of products, farming and variety innovation…

All stages and commitments count for Blue Whale for good healthy fruit for consumers.


Blue Whale is getting ready for the new harvest

We have had a great spring for the blossoming of the fruit trees and have a certain precocity in all regions....

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Innov'action in Lizac at Jean-Louis Bouysset’s farm

On Tuesday, 7th of June 2017, Jean Louis Bouysset, Blue Whale apples and kiwis grower, opened his orchards for the Innov'action 2017 event....

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For the 7th time, Blue Whale took part in the Marathon of Montauban.

Last weekend, the 25th-26th of March 2017, the Marathon of Montauban celebrated its 10th year. Blue Whale, a faithful player company, engaged running and walking teams for the 7th consecutive year....

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Equipe BLUE WHALE Fruit Logistica
Fruit Logistica Berlin celebrates its 25th anniversary!

On 8th, 9th and 10th of February this year, the Fruit Logistica in Berlin blew its 25th candle....

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To continue its sustainable development approach, Blue Whale Group joins the apicultural sector aiming to learn well the expectations of each part and work in common. Indeed, our fruit-growers want to favour a good pollination in their orchards respecting biodiversity and so pollination insects...

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Happy families game Blue Whale

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