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Since its creation, Blue Whale has a permanent economic development. This way, the Group is an important creator of jobs in all its production areas. Recruitment of growers, packhouses technicians, administrative and sales employees... Blue Whale does the most for welfare for the Groups employees.

1. Sustainable farms

The strength of the Group is due to sustainable farms and to grower’s satisfaction. Blue Whale helps the growers in their different projects.

2. Seasonal employees welcome

Blue Whale growers need a lot of seasonal employees to harvest.

Meeting and welcome books allow new employees to have the best knowledge and to integrate well the Group.

3. Training

Blue Whale employees have regular trainings: first aid, personal development, biodiversity, technical items...

4. Meetings

Blue Whale offers to the growers to inform them, reassure them, and to allow discussions on different matters : production costs, beekeeper, contact...