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Our philosophy

Because we live exclusively from the fruits of the earth, we feel a special responsibility towards this nature that provides us with our living, and towards our customers (distributors and consumers).

Combining quality and quantity

Blue Whale has always remained true to the spirit of its pioneer fruit-growers. The company has successfully created an economic model previously unknown in the fruit industry that allows it to fulfil orders for the major French distributors and importers while guaranteeing the quality found only in small-scale production.

Responsible agriculture, committed fruit-growers

Responsible fruit-growing is based first and foremost on observation and the use of natural methods to fight against harmful elements that may threaten our crops (disease, fungi, lichen, aphids, etc.). Our fruit-growers only spray if necessary and use only approved products in appropriate doses. Systematic phytosanitary treatment is banned from our orchards! If one of our fruit-growers contravenes the rule, he runs the risk of being immediately excluded from the Blue Whale group.

The fruit of innovation

Innovation is a key issue for Blue Whale. Our agricultural engineers focus their efforts on two areas of research:

  • Designing new, even more environmentally-friendly growing techniques
  • Creating new fruit varieties to respond to changes in consumer expectations in the years to come.