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The orchard

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The orchard with Christophe Belloc

Christophe BELLOC welcomes us on his orchard in Les Barthes, near Moissac. He presents to us his choices in orchard management, privileged cultural techniques, biodiversity importance and the ecosystem management which he considers delicate...

The orchard with Eloi Viannay

In the French department named Lot-et-Garonne, Eloi VIANNAY manages a part of his orchard in fruit walls to limit and mechanize interventions like thinning, pruning... He also explains to us the importance of the water measurement in the ground, aimed to stop the trees getting thirsty or on the contrary, to stop them flooding their roots (as it was the risk after the very rainy 2013 spring). This is what he explains in the video…

The orchard with Didier Miollan

The SCEA Domain Saint-Georges is a family company. Took over by Pierre MIOLLAN in 1987, the farm and the packhouse are nowadays managed by Didier, his son. With 22 000 tons of apple a year, using these two structures allows a better reactivity and a constant offer and demand adaptation. This is what he explains in the video...

The orchard with Françoise Roch

Françoise Roch, fruit-grower near Moissac, presents us a totally closed orchard called "Insect Proof". Thanks to these special nets, she protects her orchard effectively and has also been able to reduce the use of insecticides and reach her goal: develop a healthier orchard, so a healthier fruit.